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Monday, January 15, 2007

How Fitting this is for February

Coming This February -
Light at the Edge of Darkness,
compiled by Cynthia MacKinnon

I hope all of you enjoyed last month's book tour. Sure there were problems that we encountered, but we're working on correcting them. Coming this February LIGHT AT THE EDGE OF DARKNESS. To me this is so fitting. February is the most dismal month of winter for me. I'm not a big fan of winter, the cold, the dark nights. It's way too dismal for me. That's why I find LIGHT AT THE EDGE OF DARKNESS so fitting. It brings you that dark, dismal reality that all of us are acquainted with, and sometimes in the most unrealistic manners, but the darkness is real. Here, when we wish to withdraw, to pull the covers over us and call it quits. "Wake me up when it's spring," is what I'd like to shout. Yet LIGHT AT THE EDGE OF DARKNESS doesn't leave you with depression and darkness. It goes to the very edge of sanity and there finds that one hope, that one ray of light that says, "Hang on just a bit longer." So gear up and get ready for one fantastic collection. Oh, that's right. I didn't tell you it was a collection. Unlike our first book this comprises a number of different and strangely dark stories that each bring the reader to find the light of hope in their own way. There are some of you that this is the only kind of book you'll read. Others will find this a fantastic approach, full of fresh ideas and points of view. All of you are going to want to get in on this and follow this book as we send it out on a blog tour. Look for it this February 4th.

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