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I apologize for not being more active, but not having other reviewers or books to review, it's been a little difficult. However I want to let you know about this wonderful DVD "God's Not Dead." Working at the library I found it on our shelves and took it home. When I brought it back I raved about it. I wanted to take it out again, but it seems word gets around. It's always on hold for someone else. That's great.

The opening scene is in a freshman college philosophy class. The professor states he is an atheist, and asks that if everyone will sign a paper with 3 little words on it he can dispense of the dust and get to the subject. Those 3 words are "God Is Dead." One student cannot sign that. He is given 3 chances to argue the case of the existence of God before the class.

Fueled by hate on one side and a determined love of God on the other this is not your simple movie. The poor kid researches and goes off on a journey of his own to state his case. The end is nothing short of amazing. I guess telling people stuff like this is one of the reasons I can't get a hold of it a second time. It's really that good.

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May our Lord be with you now and always. Remember, God is in control, even when things look like they're crashing all around you. David

Saturday, October 06, 2007

FLASHPOINT, by Frank Creed

Day 1 Sunday

CFRB is going to kick off the tour of FLASHPOINT, by Frank Creed using his post from Shout Life. It will give you a taste for his style, and hopefully get you to run out and buy the book. - David Brollier

Calamity Kid, here. Don't worry, these Israeli Military Industries nine-millimeter Baby Eagles are loaded with tranquilizer rounds. We're ordered to love our enemies, not send them to Hell before they get a second chance, so I pack a variety of non-lethal weapons. This is a spiritual battle y'all, not one of flesh and blood.

They call me a Sandman because I only put people to sleep. I'm the main character of Flashpoint: Book One of the Underground, and War of Attrition: Book Two of the Underground. Read about yours truly nappin' anti-Christian fundi-hatin' Neros who arrest and lock-up believers in the dark streets of 2036 Chicago. Naw, not on my watch.

Bad news is, you can meet my author in Shoutlife's author section. I'm written by a slave-drivin' workaholic who runs under the pen name Frank Creed. It's a good thing this ain't film, and he ain't a director, or he'd have run over-budget a decade ago. Frank's a perfectionist, always rewriting. Calamity do this: no-no do it that way: Calamity, do the scene again but raise an eyebrow: Calamity, fetch me some coffee: write my bio. A real jerk this guy. Tell him he owes me twenty bucks for lunch yesterday.

Hold on, Frank's publisher asked me to read you something--that data chip's around here somewhere. If Frank ordered me to do this I'd tell him the chip fell out of my pocket that time he almost got me smoked by One-State peacekeepers. Good thing for him that Cynthia at The Writer's Café Press is a real sweetie. Cyn's the only reason I haven't napped Frank's muse with a tranq round, and dumped her on a plane to New Zealand. Well, I cant find it. Just Google the loser's name and click on the first result. Don't forget my $20!

Sold with the big boys at Amazon Books

Don't miss out on checking this site at Make Room for FLASHPOINT

Yellow 30 Sci-Fi's
July Feature book and
2008 Pluto nominee Feature Author, Frank Creed


cyn said...


Nice start! that CK is quite entertaining isn't he?

FYI, the link to Yellow30 Sci-Fi isn't working. Here is the correct one:

Your readers may also be interested in the review done at Yellow30 Sci-Fi:


Tami from Tree Swing Reading said...

I've got a post up on the book at my blog!

David said...

Thanks for the correction Cyn. I hope the rest of the posts don't go downhill. CK is very entertaining. He's a hard act to follow. Maybe someday a "Scribe" will also show up and be just as entertaining in his own way...someday.

David Brollier

Frank Creed said...

Sorry but Calamity Kid wrote that himself. Oh, and I bought HIM lunch. The Kid's prone to exaggeration. Darn kids.


David said...

Kids may be entertaining, even prone to exaggeration, as you put it, but God does say in His Word, "A child shall lead them." HOW they lead, well, that's a totally different story.

David Brollier

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