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I apologize for not being more active, but not having other reviewers or books to review, it's been a little difficult. However I want to let you know about this wonderful DVD "God's Not Dead." Working at the library I found it on our shelves and took it home. When I brought it back I raved about it. I wanted to take it out again, but it seems word gets around. It's always on hold for someone else. That's great.

The opening scene is in a freshman college philosophy class. The professor states he is an atheist, and asks that if everyone will sign a paper with 3 little words on it he can dispense of the dust and get to the subject. Those 3 words are "God Is Dead." One student cannot sign that. He is given 3 chances to argue the case of the existence of God before the class.

Fueled by hate on one side and a determined love of God on the other this is not your simple movie. The poor kid researches and goes off on a journey of his own to state his case. The end is nothing short of amazing. I guess telling people stuff like this is one of the reasons I can't get a hold of it a second time. It's really that good.

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May our Lord be with you now and always. Remember, God is in control, even when things look like they're crashing all around you. David

Monday, November 05, 2007

FAITH AWAKENED, by Grace Bridges

FAITH AWAKENED, by Grace Bridges

Day 2 Monday

FAITH AWAKENED, by Grace Bridges, and FLASHPOINT, by Frank Creed, have 3 similarities. First, both books deal with end times scenarios. Second, both books point to the coming persecution of the Christian believers. Third, both books deal with advanced technology that may not really be that far from becoming a reality. Apart from these 3 things these two novels are vastly different.

Rather than deal with a group of underground believers who are actively engaging the beastly government, Grace Bridges begins her novel right at the end of that period, so the bulk of her work deals with what happens afterwards. This should not be seen as escaping the command of Christ to “Go and teach all nations, whatsoever things I have taught you.” For she begins her story at a point in time where the existence of the human race is at stake. This being the case she is able to give you the actual feel that these believers are the only ones left on the planet. She deals with each of them, although she mostly focuses on a young woman named Mariah. The ability to focus on so few a number of characters is an active ingredient, which I'm sure you will all enjoy, that makes this novel work.

What I found interesting is that you don't really meet the key character until the 2nd chapter. She sets up things with a prologue, then skips ahead to another character in the 1st chapter, and finally gets around to her main character in the 2nd chapter. This skipping around through time, at first, leaves you wondering what in the world is going on. She quickly helps you understand what is going on and why this story needs to be told this way, and the reader is drawn into a world where 2 realities seem to run side-by-side. It is an awesome undertaking that is done so smoothly you cannot imagine it being told any other way.

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Faith Awakened

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