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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


by Grace Bridges

Day 4 Wednesday

One of the things I liked about FAITH AWAKENED, was how Grace Bridges referred to Christians as “the Awakened”. Also they served the “Awakener”. Truly this is what happens when we come to Christ, it is as if out of the sleep of Death God Himself has awakened us into His Life, which is eternal. While other aspects of FLASHPOINT, by Frank Creed appealed to my masculine need for the “rush”, this description of the Christian seemed better than the way he went about it. However, as we noted, he had to cut some things out. Still, wouldn't it be more realistic to be called by another name in the future? The followers of Jesus were first called “Followers of the Way”, then “Christians”. These are the two oldest, and most defining terms. Over the years we have been called, “The Chosen”, “Born Again”, “Believers”, “Charismatics”, “Jesus Freaks” and so on. Each time the words used took the same basic truths and reflected the current society, so the people would understand them.

Not only does the Awakened, seem more realistic, but it points to our current lack of trying to relate Biblical truths in words that our society will understand. We often tell people we are Born Again, and you'll even hear this on the news. Yet, most people don't know what in the world we are talking about. We need to first show them that they are dead in order for them to understand they can be born again. Similarly, in Grace Bridges' futuristic story, people need to realize that they are asleep before they can be awakened. This to me is a very strong point of the story.

Though awakened, these believers find themselves forced to worship secretly. Friends, this is not as futuristic as it sounds. For years, in many places around the world, Christians have been forced to meet underground or in secret. Still, they find a way to share the Gospel with those around them, and that is the beauty of it. While remaining “in secret” the Awakened still see a world that needs to be shaken from its deadly sleep. May we learn a lesson from this and not wait until we too, are forced to worship in secret.

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Grace Bridges said...

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Have fun surfing!

Frank Creed said...

The terms "Awakened" and "Awakener" stood out to me too. I hope Grace enjoyed her first blog tour.


David said...

I liked the terms too, Frank. And according to her messages to the group, Grace was very pleased by those who helped out. It was great.

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