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Saturday, May 31, 2008

GENTLE JOURNEY, by Elaine Lyons Bach

Sunday, day 1

Tag! You're it! That's right. CFRB is trying something new this month and it involves you, the visitor. You won't find the daily posts here about GENTLE JOURNEY, by Elaine Lyons Bach, but you will find them on specific members' sites. In order to do this we're making a game out of it of sorts. You remember the game of Tag? Well, like I started this off, you're it. In order to get to the first post you need to go to the Melissa Meeks site and tag her. You can do that by visiting her site, reading her post and then leaving a comment on her blog. If, for some reason you can't post there, come back here and post. Ready?

Melissa Meeks, better known to us as "Forest Rose" hosts a blog called Bibliophile's Retreat. She's quite active in reviewing and promoting all kinds of Christian fiction. As a member of the Christian Fiction Review Blog she has been such an encouragement and help it's hard to think that we were around without her for about a year. I guess one way to explain it is she's like a breath of fresh air. OK, I know it sounds silly, but check out her blog.

Melissa describes herself this way, "I'm a voracious reader who enjoys sharing good books with other readers, which I do by posting reviews right here on this blog. I revel in using my imagination and reading lets my mind roam free in a fantasy world for hours on end even sometimes (if I'm lucky) after I've finished a book. I'll pass on the bloody action stories though as I like mostly girly books like romance or historicals, but then blood has never been my thing. But don't forget the adventure or I might find something more gripping to read elsewhere if the story moves too slow. Books can transport me anywhere, to any period in time and even to fictional worlds and cultures if I so choose. It's only a matter of picking up the right books. The best writers are those who make me forget there's a real world outside the story I'm reading. In addition to this I am a proofreader and copyeditor."

Read her post. "Tag" her review of Elaine's GENTLE JOURNEY, and find out more for yourself. Melissa has given of herself and her time in such a beautiful way. She is a friend to every Christian writer who knows her.

Now it's your turn. You're it! Go tag Forest Rose at Bibliophile's Retreat by leaving a comment on her post about GENTLE JOURNEY. And God bless you. Enjoy.

David Brollier
co-founder of CFRB


ForstRose said...


Thank you for such a kind introduction. I appreciate the compliments though am not sure I am always as wonderful as some others seem to think.


David said...

Let's be perfectly honest here. Each of us puts on our best face when we're on the internet, especially in our email. That doesn't mean we are hypocrites. It means that we are imperfect people trying to do the best we can. All the ugly garbage about us that we are still dealing with, that's not going to help a brother or sister be encouraged, so we give them our best, the Jesus in us. This is what you have done, what I try to do. As such, you are "wonderful". Scripture says that you are "the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus." Don't ever forget that. It's never you. It's Him IN you that matters.

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