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DVD Review

I apologize for not being more active, but not having other reviewers or books to review, it's been a little difficult. However I want to let you know about this wonderful DVD "God's Not Dead." Working at the library I found it on our shelves and took it home. When I brought it back I raved about it. I wanted to take it out again, but it seems word gets around. It's always on hold for someone else. That's great.

The opening scene is in a freshman college philosophy class. The professor states he is an atheist, and asks that if everyone will sign a paper with 3 little words on it he can dispense of the dust and get to the subject. Those 3 words are "God Is Dead." One student cannot sign that. He is given 3 chances to argue the case of the existence of God before the class.

Fueled by hate on one side and a determined love of God on the other this is not your simple movie. The poor kid researches and goes off on a journey of his own to state his case. The end is nothing short of amazing. I guess telling people stuff like this is one of the reasons I can't get a hold of it a second time. It's really that good.

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May our Lord be with you now and always. Remember, God is in control, even when things look like they're crashing all around you. David

Monday, October 06, 2008

HIGHER HONOR, by S.M. Kirkland

Day 2. Since Sue already mentioned it in her blurb I guess it's okay to mention it here. In HIGHER HONOR our heroine, Cassidy Saunders is sexually assaulted by Chris Banton. Remember what I said in the last post? Things have a way of escalating and getting out of control. Cassidy has a small circle of friends she has associated with. By contrast Chris, at least on the surface, has a lot of people who side with him. This makes this assualt on Cassidy all the more severe. Face it, sexual assault is bad enough, but when the only people you have to turn to are your small group of friends, and they are also friends of the the one who assualted you, things get really rough. What we also learn (minor spoiler here) is that Chris is as lonely as Cassidy. For all his machoism he's alone, struggling with things that were spinning out of control before the assault on Cassidy.

This is the price all people pay for sin. We call it "life". Life happens, and because of the sinful nature of people we can be sure that when life happens it's going to bring with it a seemingly unbearable amount of pain. The ones we feel are innocent are going to be hurt without any justification, while those who hurt them do so out of their petty inferiorities, insecurities, and well, just plane sinful nature. We're often told that sexual assault is about power, not sex. That's true because the one who commits the assault has such a low opinion of themselves they frequently have to crush others to feel better about themselves. Perhaps they are to be pitied more than anything. They are the weak, not their victims.

The Bible says that Satan roams about to and fro, like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. What do we know about lions? Okay, they are big cats, predators, sure, but lions will rarely attack healthy livestock, especially if they are challenged. Instead lions look for the weak in the herds, the sick, the young, the elderly. In a word, lions are cowards. Satan is a coward. He attacks the weak, the spiritual sick, the spiritually young, and the spiritual old (apathetic). Sure he will attack the strong Christian, but rarely in a frontal engagement. Usually he'll try deception. After all lying is his native tongue. He looks for our weak spots and tries to steer us into places of danger, rather than risk an all out attack. Yet, unlike Chris Banton, he isn't to be pitied. He is to be avoided when possibe, and attacked with all the vengence of God when there is no other way. We are called upon to take his strongholds and set captives free in the name of our King, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is His Spirit living in us that gives us this right, this power and this authority over him. It's why he's a coward, because attacking us means attacking God, and he will only do that if he feels he is sure of victory. Yet even the babe in Christ who calls out to the Lord has more power than Satan. When he attacks, remind him who you are in Christ and tell Satan that he's a liar. With the authority of Jesus command him to leave and he must leave.
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Susan said...

David, you have a real talent for findin Biblical lessons in fiction!

And you did hit the nail on the head with how Cassidy and Chris both felt. It's very easy for victims to blame themselves and wonder what they could have/should have done.

It was a tough pill for me to swallow when God put it in my heart to make Chris LIKEABLE. We want to believe that guys who do this are monsters and that it's obvious that are hideous. That's not the case at all. They have friends, family, girlfriends. My husband actually got mad at me for making Chris the bad guy -- Chris was his favorite character (until that part, of course)!

I can't wait to read tomorrow's post!

cathikin said...

Great lessons extracted from the story. Yes, it was a bit hard to hate Chris when he was pretty much a true-blue brother with the other guys, a macho hothead "spinning out of control" as you said.
We want to quantify levels of sin so our personal sins aren't 'as bad' as someone else's, but to God it is all as filthy rags. The marvel is that Jesus died for each of us the same, no matter what we've done.

David said...

I knew guys like Chris when I worked as a correctional officer, and although sometimes it was easy to hate them, on one hand, I knew I'd be there for them if they needed me. That's the feeling we get here. Plus, looking behind the scenes we find that Chris is acting things out almost as if it's the only thing he has any control over. When he loses this, he loses everything. I think the book centers on this duality. Just who is the victim Cassidy or Chris? Sometimes it's difficult to tell. Not all the bad guys wear black hats and not all good guys wear the white hats.

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