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I apologize for not being more active, but not having other reviewers or books to review, it's been a little difficult. However I want to let you know about this wonderful DVD "God's Not Dead." Working at the library I found it on our shelves and took it home. When I brought it back I raved about it. I wanted to take it out again, but it seems word gets around. It's always on hold for someone else. That's great.

The opening scene is in a freshman college philosophy class. The professor states he is an atheist, and asks that if everyone will sign a paper with 3 little words on it he can dispense of the dust and get to the subject. Those 3 words are "God Is Dead." One student cannot sign that. He is given 3 chances to argue the case of the existence of God before the class.

Fueled by hate on one side and a determined love of God on the other this is not your simple movie. The poor kid researches and goes off on a journey of his own to state his case. The end is nothing short of amazing. I guess telling people stuff like this is one of the reasons I can't get a hold of it a second time. It's really that good.

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May our Lord be with you now and always. Remember, God is in control, even when things look like they're crashing all around you. David

Friday, June 12, 2009

ANGEL OF WRATH, by Bill Myers

Friday - Dilema of preacher kids. One of the points Bill Myers made, at least in my mind, is the plight of many preacher kids. Many times their parents subject their children to unrealistic goals, or worse, threaten them with having blemished the ministry by their sinful acts. Such is the case of Will Harmon. Will is not only a PK, but an only child. He is also Lisa Harmon's nephew. The development of Will is done amazingly realistic. For many years he struggle to be good, to support his father in the ministry by his example. (Do you see how wrong this is? Shouldn't the pastor support his family first, then others?) As the child grows older he begins to feel that the burden placed on him is increasingly unrealistic. Once in his teens he decides to rebel against all that his father preached about. Booze, drugs and sex are calling to him, as well as a society of people who will accept him for who he is. Tragically, this happens all too frequently, and it usually happens during the teen years. That's why I'm saying this is done so realistically.

What I'd like to harp on though, and hopefully not tread on my friend's toes, is the fact that children should be allowed to be children. All of us make mistakes throughout our lives, but children shouldn't be held to a higher standard than we are willing to keep for ourselves. Even the standards we set for ourselves we should expect that children would faulter in try to meet those lofty goals. We should love them, joke with the, embrace them and encourage them. We should pray for them, be there not just for the bad times, but for the good times too. When your little boy comes home from a litle leage gam and says, "I got a hit today and the coach says my hit caused us to win," he is inviting you to share in one of his intimate moments, an acheivement that he holds in high honor. Similar references can be can be given about daughters.

I think that when we grow up we forget the magic of the little things in life, at least if we aren't careful. Children are God's gift to help us recapture those gifts, but if we beat down on them and try to get them to fit into their adult idea of what they should be. I tried not to do this with my children, and yet I saw a JV coach who literally sucked my son's love for baseball out of him by the way he was treated. He wasn't abused in the normal sense, just severely overlooked. Had I sided with that coach my son may well have ended up like Will Harmon. God in His grace had surrounded me with people who lived Christianity, not just talked about it. They walked in love and let me make my own mistakes. But when I was in college I found a number of kids there didn't have that. Dropped off by missionaries and pastors these MK and PK kids had a real rough time. Out on their own for the first time, they not only challenged what they'd been taught their whole life, but in some cases attacked it. Still, with God all things are possible, and even in these extreme circumstances God has already set up a kind of truth detector. It may cause problems right off, but it will serve them well when they return to the household of God.

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