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I apologize for not being more active, but not having other reviewers or books to review, it's been a little difficult. However I want to let you know about this wonderful DVD "God's Not Dead." Working at the library I found it on our shelves and took it home. When I brought it back I raved about it. I wanted to take it out again, but it seems word gets around. It's always on hold for someone else. That's great.

The opening scene is in a freshman college philosophy class. The professor states he is an atheist, and asks that if everyone will sign a paper with 3 little words on it he can dispense of the dust and get to the subject. Those 3 words are "God Is Dead." One student cannot sign that. He is given 3 chances to argue the case of the existence of God before the class.

Fueled by hate on one side and a determined love of God on the other this is not your simple movie. The poor kid researches and goes off on a journey of his own to state his case. The end is nothing short of amazing. I guess telling people stuff like this is one of the reasons I can't get a hold of it a second time. It's really that good.

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May our Lord be with you now and always. Remember, God is in control, even when things look like they're crashing all around you. David

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Tuesday, 7th
I'm told that the properties that make up an atom; electron, proton and neutron, should push each other away. Their magnetic properties should make it impossible to hold together because while the electron and the proton are opposites, which attract, the neutron is a like quality that should repel the others. Yet they stay together. What does this have to do with Someone to Blame, by C.S. Lakin? The Moore family unit, consisting of Matt, Irene and Casey (father, mother and daughter respectively) is like an atom, at least as they are going through this pain and suffering. Matt handles things one way, Irene handles things quite the opposite way and Casey finds herself against them both. They are 3 people in the same house trying to keep from blowing apart.

Matt had a hard life growing up, but learned to tow the line. He expects the same out of the other members of his family and is shocked to find out other views are held, even worse, angered when his authority is challenged. Irene is kind and compassionate to the point that she constantly challenges her husband's authority. Casey looks on and rebels against the harsh attitude of her father as well as the unrealistic "softness" of her mother. So what holds these people together? What keeps them going when they should be all over the place, creating the human equivalent of a nuclear explosion? The very same thing that holds the tiniest atom together...Jesus. In Isaiah 48:13 we read, "Mine hand also hath laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand hath spanned the heavens: when I call unto them, they stand up together." It is the hand of God that holds everything together. He has been, and still is, in control. Now many of us, like the Moores, have difficulty seeing this. All they see are the eroding connections between them caused by distrust, anger and most of all incredible pain. Yet, if we turn to the Lord, will He not deliver? If we repent, shall He not forgive? When we call upon Him, does He not hear?

Be certain of this one thing, God understands the pain you may be going through if you are in a place like Matt, Irene and Casey (or other members I haven't yet touched upon). Did not the Father watch as His Only Son offered up His life for us that we might come unto Him with the full assurance of His children? Still, we often keep pushing the pain away, or try to. And it's like trying to keep back the ocean with a wall of sand. It cannot be done. That pain keeps eroding at the greatest fortress we have built against it until it dissolves the the sands of the shore before the crashing of the mighty waves. A good understanding of 1st Corinthians 10:13 shows us that not only will God not give us more than we can bear, but the escape He has prepared for us during those times is to actually go through the situation, but go through with Christ, not under our own power. So we are like atoms trying to explode, straining to move away from each other, but God holds all things together in His hands. After we finally realize that we must come to Him and face these troubled times, then we can feel the comfort and unity and love and security of our Heavenly Father. And in that day we shall recall another promise of God; "Weeping lasteth for a night, but joy comes in the morning." Take courage and await His dawn to arise in your life, and rejoice.

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