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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Day of Prayer

This month, as with last month, there is no book tour. This is largely my fault. I apologize to all of you who regularly come here to see what books we are touring. You see, I took a short leave of absence and my timing appears to have been poorly chosen. However, when I came back it was evident that things needed to change. So that's what we are doing. We are changing. Pray that God would direct us in making these changes so that He may be better glorified.

Some things to expect:
1. Possible additional tours by CFRB members
2. A greater range of genres. (Seems we got stuck in fantasy and SF)
3. Cross-links between members and the CFRB home page
4. Suggested features by people like you, such as author interviews, articles on reading trends, and more.

Yet we don't want to assume God is saying something if He isn't. So we need to hear a clear voice from Him. We are relying on your prayers to help our "hearing" in this regard. Thank you. Hope to be up and running soon.

In the meantime you can go back to one of our older posts and click on the "Button Links" to check out some of the CFRB members to see what they've been up to. Many of them have their own blogs running which may include book reviews as well. Besides, you should really get to know some of these wonderful people.

Thank you once again. Take care and God bless. - David Brollier


Cecelia said...

Hope the reconstruction goes well, David.

David said...

Thanks sis. I appreciate your encouragement. We seem to be lacking in direction. I want to go where God wants to lead us and do so with the kind of excellence He deserves. I am pitifully lacking in the ability to do this, so I lean heavily on the prayers of people like yourselves. God bless you.


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