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CFRB ReBoot - Read about it here

CFRB is proud to announce that we are back. David Brollier, author Carole McDonnell and Deborah Dunson have joined together in God to let Him breathe life back into the Christian Fiction Review Blog. We are making some changes that I think you will like.

Instead of getting a certain book from an author and having our members read it and write a review about that book, we've decided that our members are already avid readers. So why not have them review what they are reading instead of trying to dump another assignment on them?

That's the biggest change. What we would like from members is to hear about the book you are reading, the name of the book, and where people can purchase it, as well as your website and when you will be done, estimated, finishing it and putting your review up on your site. Doing it this way allows us to tell visitors to our site to know that a review is coming up on a book so they have something to look forward to that. We also send people to your site before and after you've set up the review. By doing so we can help increase the "foot traffic" to your website.

We also would ask that you would send your review to us so we can repost it. Again with your website address as well as where the book can be sold. I'm also thinking of creating a link embedded icon for The CFRB that you can proudly display on your site.

Kick of date should be around Feb. 1st. Hope to see you there. To join this Yahoo group click on the Yahoo Group join button at the top of this page and may God be with you all. CFRB

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Welcome to CFRB Reference Desk

Hello.  My name is David and I'm one of the desk clerks at the CFRB Reference Desk.  Allow me to welcome you here.  If you've been here in the past you'll notice that all the old posts have been removed.  This was an unfortunate necessity in order to make some changes and get ready for the NEW CFRB, or the CFRB Re-Boot as I like to call it.  (Yeah, I'm a Doctor Who fan as well).  At the Reference Desk you can do a number of thins, just as you can at your local library.

1) You can read current posts on activities of members, find out what reviews they are posting on their sites and find out how to get there as well as, hopefully, read a re-posting of their reviews here.  While we will attempt to re-post their reviews here it is our wish that you visit their site, because it will not be as lean as this site is.  Hopefully we will have a lot on here, but most members already have things going on their own sites and you may just find some real treasures there.

2) You may wish to become a member.  The Yahoo Group link on this page should take you to the CFRB group page where you can JOIN.  Simply follow the instructions, including giving us a working email so we can have contact with you outside of the CFRB Reference Desk.

3)  You can find the re-posted reviews and sometimes our own from the CFRB Reference Desk.  Simply scroll up to the most recent post.  Read and comment.  We ask that you use common etiquette, which means no advertising, no putting down other people, no foul language or language with sexual overtones.  A good rule is to think of Jesus as the Author of the review you wish to comment on and write a review worthy of His reading.

4)  We all know blogs list things the wrong way round.  That's okay.  If you have a question that relates to the touring, reviewing, or the CFRB site you can ask on this page.  Please note that we reserve the right to monitor all comments prior to posting and only posting those comments that fall within the scope of CFRB.  That's all for now.  David & the CFRB Reference Desk

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